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Flickering Problem

12-04-2005, 05:03 PM
So, I just bought the Toshiba 26HF85, and so far it has been great except for one problem. On most HDTV channels (I have a comcast HD cable box) I get a horrible flicker. It is the worst on like CBS and ABC, and for some reason it almost always happens during sports games in HD. Now sometimes I can't even notice the flicker on some shows, and then on other shows its horrible. Now, this problem doesnt happen on SD channels at all. Also, it happens during times of high movement, which makes me think that the differently colored backgrounds and environments are causing it, which makes me think its a contrast problem. However, I have tried it with my contrast at 0, and my contrast maxed out and it still happens. Similary for color, so its not a color problem either.

Also, I don't know if this is related, but for video games, the contrast seems to be weird.(However I have tested it with contrast at 0 and contrast maxed so i don't think it is that) What happens is that it seems to contrast colors too instantly. Like, when i change my weapons in Halo, for that split second that there is no weapon on screen, thus no black object in the middle to contrast everything to, all the colors of the walls and ground and such change, and then change back once the weapon is on screen again.

Thanks in advance for any help! :D