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Sony Grand Wega LCD vs. Samsung DLP - advice?

09-26-2004, 08:19 AM
Was able to see Mitsu WD62525 side by side next to Samsung HLP 6163W and decided the Samsung won. One sales rep told us the Samsung was a 4th generation DLP -- can anyone clue me in on this? What does it mean and is it true?

I thought I wanted to go with DLP for sure, until I saw the Sony Grand Wega KF60WE610, which was set up near the Samsung and Mitsu sets. The picture on the Sony just seemed so much brighter (and $800 less). Does anyone out there have this Sony LCD?

Anyone care to give their opinions on LCD vs. DLP?

Thanks for the input!

09-26-2004, 08:46 AM
I've got the 50" Wega KF50WE610. It too was sittin' next to a Samsung DLP in the showroom. Not sure which model Sammy, but it was also a fifty incher. At the six or seven foot distance the DLP may have appeared slightly clearer - not sure. But I moved back across the room looking over some smaller CRT sets and I couldn't tell much difference. In my large family room my Sony just looks great.
I think what swayed me more than anything was the consumer replaceable bulb.


09-26-2004, 01:59 PM
I seem to be saying this a lot, but FWIW ....

...... I had 2 Samsung DLP's, a 43" and a 46" HLP466 - they both had faulty/noisy colour wheels and gave me eyestrain (evidently a certain percentage of people are prone to eye fatigue with the DLP's), so I sent them back and currently have the Sony Grand Wega KF50WE620.

Not a big Sony fan usually, as I don't like the way they pidgeonhole consumers into their propreitery memory, BUT - I do like this TV !!!

Excellent PQ, no eyestrain - runs quietly (only very minimal fan noise barely heard when TV is on mute).

I have heard that the Sony 50" LCD RP provides less screen dooring effect than the 60" - but I have no experience with this. I really don't notice any screen dooring effects when viewing the Sony 50" from 10+ feet away.


- Sony lacks the generous inputs of Samsung (My last Sammy had HDMI and DVI and VGA - my Sony has DVI input, no HDMI or VGA. Both TV's have adequate component inputs of course, so the Sony's shortcomings are not a huge issue)

- Sony has Great Picture with no Green Hue bias that I found the Sammy's to have.

- Sony is very easy on the eyes, perhaps not quite as razor edge sharp as the DLP on fast moving scenes, but the Sony gives me no eyestrain and provides a very pleasing picture!

- Screen is very NON-reflective so it works well even in bright rooms.

- Sony runs quietly! No blender in the living room ;)

- so far so good.

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