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upconverting 480i

11-28-2005, 02:01 PM
Are there any solutions to upgrading the analog output from my cable box?

I am a recent owner of 2 DLP tv's and frankly dissappointed at the picture from most of the channels.

Does anyone know if the DVDO iscan works to upgrade?

11-28-2005, 03:06 PM
The DVDO iscan is meant to be a scaler and video processor. It's primary purpose is to provide a high quality line doubling and scaling to match various video signals to a specific resolution so the display scaler can be eliminated. It is usually combined with a front projector or plasma or LCD panel to output to the native resolution of the projector or panel.

When connected to a TV that runs all signals through an internal video processor/scaler, the DVDO effect will be reduced.

Now as far as digital cable, or satellite for that matter, if there are compression artifacts that is causing the poor SD, the iscan will be of no help for these and can end up making some of these artifacts worse. If your TV set has a poor scaler/processor, the iscan could help by preprocessing the video. If you can get one to try it out with return possibilities, I'd give it a try, but I would not buy one just on the hope for success.