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Newbie... Advise Please

11-22-2005, 02:05 PM
Okay - I am pretty new to the "home theater" deal so I was wanting to ask for some advise... Here is what I have recently purchased:

Samsung HL-R5667W (56" DLP)
Samsung Up-converting DVD player
Onkyo THX 7.1 Receiver
Polk Audio: Front Towers, Center, Rear Surrounds and 12" Sub.
Comcast - Motorola Dual Tuner HD Set Top Box - DVR (Renting)

I have the cable coming from the wall to my cable box. I am using component video and optical audio from the cable box to my receiver. I am using component video and optical audio from my DVD player to my receiver. I am then running one set of component video cables to my TV. I then have another set of left and right audio and a s-video cord running from my cable box into "AV1" on the back of my TV. And of course I have all of the speakers hooked up.

Here is my confusion and several questions...

1. I am wondering if I should run HDMI connections from the cable box and DVD into my receiver and run one HDMI into my TV...? I dont know if it will really make a differencr because I dont know much about the HDMI.

2. I cannot seem to get the picture in picture (PIP) to work. All I get is the snow in the PIP box. Do I have to run a splitter before the cable box into the cable input on the TV?

I just dont know a lot about it so I am hoping to get some help!



11-22-2005, 04:55 PM
As far as picture quality, sometimes HDMI makes a difference, sometimes not. Depends on your box and display. But it's worth a shot. Try it. But since you have an audio/video receiver and speakers, don't use HDMI for just the audio with video advantage if you plan to do all your listening through your audio receiver and speakers.

What you will need is audio out (5.1) to your receiver. Most likely from an optical output from your cable box.

Since not all PIP features work the same, I can not help you with that. Maybe another Sammy owner has some advice. Good luck!