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DTV Protection Plan......Scam?

10-26-2015, 06:15 AM
We had a service call on 10/24/15 to replace a receiver that had quit. DTVtried shipping me a new one and we could not get it to work even after being on the phone with them so they ordered a service call. I have been a DTV customer since 1997 so I always ask for charges to be waived based on my length of service. Mostly it works. So They had agreed to a no charge service call. I check my acct daily to make sure it doesnt show up tho.
So service tech comes and gets everything working and at end of visit asks me to sign his hand held device saying by signature he has been there and I am satisfied at this point. Thats all he says and all I see is a line for me to sign (using my finger, came out really sloppy). And yeah, stupid me I signed it without seeing what I was signing. I thought I learned better long time ago but I am okder and not all that used to new technology.
Anyway next day I get a confirmation email that says service call was completed and stated that I had signed I was satisfied with the result AND DTV Protection Plan ??? What!!! I logged to my acct and check billing.recent transactions and see a line item for the PP.
I call, state the issue, say I do not want it nor do I agree to it. She says she will cancel it plus credit my acct for the $10 cancellation fee given the circumstances. Logged back into my acct and see she indeed put a credit on but it says 'time w/o service' but the line item for the PP is still there and nothing about a cancellation of it. So my next call will now be to the retention dept cancelling my DTV service and see what that gets me. I have warned my household that one day we WILL no longer have DTV when my threats reach an uncaring ear. Oh well, I love my Apple TV.
This rather long winded post (if you indeed read it all) is to say watch out for what you electronically sign and monitor your acct after talking with them on the phine. They are probably taught to add PP at every opportunity during their initial training class!

10-27-2015, 06:47 AM
You did get a service call for free though.