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HTIB's with HDMI ?! Help plz!

11-14-2005, 03:46 PM
Ok, I'm having trouble designing an A/V system to meet the following requirements:

1) $1000 or less
2) Must have atleast two (2) HDMI inputs
3) Must have atleast two (2) Digital Audio inputs
4) Must have atleast 1 or 2 other inputs for both A and V
5) Must have atleast one (1) HDMI output
6) Must have atleast one (1) Component video output
7) Must have atleast 5.1 SS
8) Must include Progressive Scan DVD/CD player
9) Must Include all speakers and an active subwoofer

Ok, you may look at that and say "Get an HTIB, duh!" BUT, here's the problem: HDMI!! There are very few HTIB's that have HDMI, and NONE that I can find have multiple HDMI inputs...DOH!

The Sony FX80 has nearly everything I'm looking for, but they skimped on the subwoofer and went with a passive sub! (lameness).

Sooo, I then began to study seperate component systems and discovered that VERY FEW of the midrange recievers have HDMI at all, let alone the 2 HDMI inputs that I'm looking for. The cheapest I could find that has all of them is the Yamaha HTR 5990 for $999, and then I'd still have to buy a DVD player and speakers... (which I may end up having to do, but then again i'd still end up one HDMI input short since I'd be adding a seperate DVD player! And I really dont want to spend all that $ to end up with non-HDMI connected equipment!

Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas? Please?

My PLANNED setup is this, and I plan/want every connection to be HD/digital:

- Panasonic TH42PX50U 42" Plasma (only 1 HDMI input).
- Cox Cable HD/DVR
- Xbox 360
- A/V Reciever/DVD/SS system

Obviously the limiting factor here is the money... so please try to shoot for as close to $1k as you can!

Thanks ahead of time!

ps: I'm a noobie here, so if there is another way to make sure everything is HD/digital, that i cant see, then please let me know! All of this would have been solved if Panasonic's lameass included 2 HDMI inputs. but, alas, here I am without such luck!...

11-15-2005, 12:13 AM
wow you gotta be an optomist. the glass is half full kind of person. 2hdmi inputs, dvd, s.s. package for under a grand is not likely. the only way this may happen is if you go way low quality on the speakers. and i do mean way low. but hey i like a challange so i will check and get back to you.

11-15-2005, 12:35 AM
reciever yamaha 5990. i own a yamaha and they are great quality. theck the links. your shipping area will determine the final cost.


i own these speakers and they work great for the cash.


decent dvd player.

http://www.pricegrabber.com/p__Samsung_DVD_HD850_DVD_Player_w_HD_Conversion,__ 7752137

it might be a little over a $1000 depending on your area with shipping and all. but this is about what you were looking for and they all look good.

11-24-2005, 08:58 PM
excellent info! I'll look into it ASAP! One bit of good news is that I'm returning my Panasonic 42500U plasma that I paid $3500 for at best buy, and tomorrow I'm picking up a Pioneer 43" for only $2700 ($1800 off!!!) That gives me a quick $800 to throw toward a more robust SS system! woohoo!

Atleast I hope that Tweeter doesnt sell out too quickly.. wish me luck, and if this happens, I'll be raising my cutoff to atleast $1500 for the SS!!

Thanks again for the help.

11-25-2005, 12:59 AM
well if its $1,500 then still consider the yamaha htr-5990 its a great reciever for the price. but this denon would be a nice upgrade. it has all you would want and then some. denon is known for there quality. i will definetly be getting a denon for my next reciever. people who get one seem to be extremly happy with them for a long time.


these speakers may be an upgrade to the other ones. one is yamaha the other is a jbl 7.1 s.s. at a great price.



this is a toshiba dvd player with hdmi out put. it will look great running the hdmi through the denon reciever.


this is a sony dvd player. sony is known for great looking picture but hope you dont get a lemon.