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new install and now a question

01-09-2013, 03:25 PM
I just got a hr34 along with the whole home network. Installed about 2 hours ago. Now I dont have the clients and a hr34 I have a hr34 and a hr24 and a hr22. Dont know if that makes a difference on my question or not. When I bring up the playlist on any dvr I get one whole playlist that has evrything in it. is there a way to tell what receiver has what shows on that playlist. Because we have 3 receivers in the house 2 got replaced and 1 we kept which was complety full of shows. 2% remaining. anyway when I brought up my playlist on my hr34 it also brought up the playlist from that full reciever with all the shows but it didnt say living room receiver which is what it is called. Its like all the shows are on my own playlist. but I know there now cause my capacity is at 100% Is there a way to seperate shows to there own receivers. I would rather not have all the shows in the house go into one big pot. And One more question my new receiver upstairs doesent see the other two receivers yet. Does it take awhile for it to see them? Every thing is turned on. setting wise. Thank you.

01-09-2013, 04:20 PM
You should have Each receiver named as (example) MB master bedroom LV Living room Den- Den -

You will only see which Show was recorded (where) when you select that show in the play list.

From any room (press list) and it will show everything that is stored on all the dvr's

From any room (press record) and it will only record to that DVR

VOD will take 24 hrs to complete

All receiver's should see each other- Suggest you power every receiver off - restart each one at a time (WAIT) until each receiver is fully up before -going to the next one. DO them one at a time.

01-10-2013, 12:42 PM
You can change each reciever to show only what is on that specific unit. While in the list one of the colored buttons represents list options and you can choose it from there, it removes all the clutter.