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Purchasing TV Help please

11-01-2005, 06:18 PM
Hey, I just signed up on this forum.

I'm looking to a get an HDTV used primarily for Xbox 360 and like 50 channels of tv. From what I've read on another message board, the best type of tv to get would be a DLP HDTV?

I found this one on the internet: 6th Ave TV (http://www.6ave.com/product.jsp?x=46HM95&zipz=11001)
I'm thinking it would work well with the 360? Anyone see any problems with it?

Another one I was considering was: Circuit City (http://www.circuitcity.com/rpsm/oid/120404/originURLEncoded/http%253A%252F%252Fwww.circuitcity.com%252Frpsm%25 2FcatOid%252F-12867%252FN%252F20012866%2B20012867%2B526%252Flink %252Fref%252Frpem%252Fccd%252Fcategorylist.do/rpem/ccd/productDetail.do#tabs)
I think Best Buy carries a similar one for $800, but there site is down right now.

The last one I was considering was: 52" Circuit City TV (http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/RCA-52-HDTV-HD52W59-/sem/rpsm/oid/132501/catOid/-12870/rpem/ccd/productDetail.do)
Someone posted on another web site about rear projection tvs "and the color went out on it(well just the red), and the guy that came to look at it said its from playing xbox(or any game system) on it....projection screen + xbox = BAD"

Of the 3, I'd least like the 30" one because it is rather small, but what would tv would give me the best picture and most bang for my buck? I don't know if that rear projection tv was just bad luck with that guy or is a legit problem. Also for the rear projection one, would I have to purchase an antennae or anything else to make it HD? I'm open to other suggestions for a good tv for the 360 too. Sorry I'm not smart with tv's, but any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the response.