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Toshiba problem

12-05-2012, 09:34 AM
Before I junk this thing, I figured I might try one last ditch effort and see if anyone has any ideas. I have this 50H72 Toshiba. I just replaced the ICs a few months ago. For a month, all was fine, but then I started getting a flicker at the top of the screen. About the top 3" would go black, with narrow red/blue/green color lines running horizontal between the part that goes black and the picture. This was intermittent, and only happened for maybe a second or two.

Today, my TV just failed. The top half is all black; no picture at all. Through the middle are three curved lines, one red, one blue, and one green. The bottom half of the picture seems ok, but a black horizontal bar will creep up and down about 3-4" from the bottom. It sort of comes and goes. When the ICs failed, the convergence was off. Now, it appears the convergence is still good from the viewable picture, but the picture is all screwed up. Any ideas?

Even weirder now, I just went to check on it. It has been on for an hour or so now, and the screen is back to being perfectly normal. I have to have some sort of heat problem, where heat fixes it. I am really lost now.