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Mitsubishi Light circles on screen

11-16-2012, 06:34 PM
So I recently bought this 65' from a yard sale for $60. It had white dots all over the screen so he was selling it cheap. I brought it home and purchased a new dmd chip and installed it in the set. I turned it on where I was working on it for a couple minutes to see how it looked, the white dots had disappeared so I was pretty happy. The next day I moved it into the room where I would be using it and hooked up my xbox 360 and turned it on. I noticed several large circles on the screen this time which at first I thought was the xbox logo but it isn't Does anyone have any ideas on it? either I didn't notice the circles the first time I turned it on after fixing it or it happened after I moved the tv. Also a separate issue I have is I notice on the bottom of the screen there are a couple of dark looking smudges, it looks like its on the inside of the screen, I could see it when I opened it up to replace the dmd chip and it doesn't seem to come off by wiping the screen down. Thanks for any thoughts on this!

11-17-2012, 04:30 PM
So I took the screen off and split the two pieces apart and noticed some moisture had gotten in between the two, I wiped it down the best I could. I noticed on the clear screen on the back side it had those circles etched into the screen so I am thinking it is supposed to be there but maybe the moisture caused separation of the two pieces making the circles visible. I put it back together and I can still see the circles but at least the smudges are gone. Maybe I will just have to wait it out for those to disappear. If anyone has any experience with this I am all ears. Thanks!