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HL-P5085w issues

04-17-2012, 01:24 AM
First off HELLO EVERYONE! 1st post!
(oh its my birthday today 4-17-12)

I have recently aquired a Samsung HL-P5085w. When I plug it in and turn it on it does its welcome beep then starts making a clicking noise. i have opened it up, cleaned it out, got a new bulb, and is still doing this. on a small lcd screen it shows a warning triangle /!\ with a blinking lightbulb or a blinking thermometer.

any insights into the matter would be greatly appriceated! I am rather tech savvy but don't know much about tvs and i'm tired of doing this :banghead: so PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEE!!!!


04-18-2012, 09:09 PM
Could be the door switch....

This guy wrote up a pretty good fix,

Happy Bday


Doug k

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