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RF Converter for long run of coaxial?

04-12-2012, 07:46 PM
We had a pool installed last year and I am wanting to add a TV out there. Before the pool was installed, I ran a RG6 cable (approximately 150') underground so I could do this. I ran composite cables from the satellite box to a RF converter, then hooked the long cable going to the pool TV to the RF converter. I get no signal by doing this.

I brought the pool TV inside, and hooked a shorter cable through the RF converter and it worked great. Is the length of the cable an issue? I also tried hooking up a 15 db booster but still got no signal through the long cable.

The RF converter I'm using is a cheap one.....I think I paid 15 dollars for it....lol.

I guess there is a chance the long cable could be bad.

Just wanting to see if any of you had any ideas of what my problem is. Thanks in advance!

04-13-2012, 04:42 AM
Suggest you get The following - A Volt Meter- , Coax Barrel Connector, 75ohm terminator cap.

Set the Meter to ohms - Screw the barrel connector onto on end of the rg6- with the terminator cap installed.

then place the black meter lead on the side of the other end connector -then touch the red lead to the center copper post - if the cable is good the meter should display 75 ohms- if not then you can assume it's one of two things- The Connectors have some strands touching inside (replace the ends and re-test) or the cable is damaged.

Should the cable test Good - I use a Qintar Model QA-25 uhf/vhf/fm Amplifier connected after my RF mod because I push the SD signal to 5 other second TV inputs for Pix in Pix display and that receiver is set up fro RF control so I can control the channel from any place in the house or garage.

Let us know how it goes.

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