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Connecting a bluray player to a quadscan Elite

04-10-2012, 05:45 PM
Hi guys

Okay I can now see the system in my new rental and think I have an easy upgrade path but wanted to check before buying a new bluray player.

Okay the current old DVD player (Pioneer dv38a) sends video via component to a quadscan elite which then outputs in 720p to the old projector (zenith pro895x) using a hi-res output going into a 5 RCA rgb cable up to the projector. The audio is routed via toslink to a Pioneer vsx 49tx amp.

The quadscan has a spare channel available (component inputs) and so I assume I can get a new bluray player like a samsung bd-p3600 which has component outputs and connect to the spare channel then route audio using toslink to the amp and as long as the player is outputting 720p it should be fine.

Am I missing anything?

Many thanks for all the advice last time it was very helpful. Is there a better bluray player or will the Samsung be fine (I like the fact it also has Netflix)



Ps. If anyone can recommend a good theatre guy in the Seattle area that would be great as considering a projector upgrade in future but don't see the need to throw out stuff that can be salvaged like amp perhaps. let me know your thoughts.

04-16-2012, 08:01 PM
Not that it is going to matter much, but the PJ is 1080i capable and iirc, your scaler can be set to that output thru the RGB.

Try both.

Biggest bang for the buck on your PJ is to dial in and I mean IN, the geometry and convergence and focus.

Doug k

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