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Fixed my problem with my HR34 whole home drv set up.

03-28-2012, 02:42 PM
I have 2 hr 24-100 and a hr25-100 connected to my hr34 whole home drv setup.I could see all the recording on the hr34 from all my receivers but when I tried to play them it would have a problem connecting. If it finnaly did and start to play the show it would freeze up a few sec after playback. After 3 calls to tech support to Directv all they could tell me is I have to wait for a update patch to fix the issue and that they were working on the problem. Well after a month of no fix I started trying to figure out how and why they had things setup the way they did. After figuring out what the SWM box was for (to connect the other boxes to the network) and how it was set up,I started to wounder why I had 2 cat5 cables used for the directv setup. 1 went to the SWM box and another to the back of the hr34. The way I figured if the SWM was connecting all the receivers to the network through the cable line (witch was also running to the hr34) why did I need another cat5 cable connected to the hr34 box. So I unplugged the cat5 from the hr34 and all the problems I had were gone.I was pretty upset that I had gone over a month without being able to use my whole home dvr setup :mad: (witch is why I switched over from Dish) all becuase the tech didn't know what he was doing or was trained wrong. But it has been 3 days since I took off the cat5 from the hr34 and I have had no problems at all watching my recording from any room in the house. I just wanted to let others know that had the same kind of problems what to check for to help them out also.:)

04-11-2012, 11:10 AM
thanks for the info. DirectTV needs to do better training. When we had it set up, everyone had a different story. The sales rep said one thing, the installer said something else, the CS phone reps said something completely different, and the other installer who came out to fix the first install said something totally new. It was really frustrating.

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