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HR22 is getting slower and slower...

03-19-2012, 09:52 PM
My HR22 DVR is getting slower and slower to respond to remote inputs since that latest software update.

I would love to get an HR34 IF the unit responds faster. Otherwise, I think I'll punt and go back to Comcrap.

Any reports about slow response with the HR34 remote would be appreciated.

I hate the though of leaving DTV, but I think I will end up throwing my remote through my monitor if I don't get some relief soon. PITA

03-20-2012, 10:57 AM
I feel your pain, the new guide is waaay slow. I changed batteries in my remote once because the DVR guide would'nt respond and I thought they were dead.
Regards, Sam :what:

03-21-2012, 10:58 AM
not much if any delay on the 34

03-23-2012, 02:03 AM
That's right. http://www.ckyo.info/jpg

03-23-2012, 07:07 AM
Of course they don't have the "New and improved" software yet. That might slow them down a bit.

03-26-2012, 09:50 AM
I feel your pain, the new guide is waaay slow. I changed batteries in my remote once because the DVR guide would'nt respond and I thought they were dead.
Regards, Sam :what:

Same here. Sometimes press the key twice before anything happens! Guess they took a page out of the Vista playbook. :banghead:

03-26-2012, 10:14 AM
There was a sequence of numbers you could push on your dtv remote that would free it up, worked great pre new menu and on my non hr24-500 dvrs, so not sure what that code is or if it still works and on what

it was a sequence of numbers, it worked great too

i did a thread about it and nobody answered so nobody here knows, i will research my old posts and see if i can find it, might take a while

03-26-2012, 11:36 AM
found it

1) Do a "Menu Reset" of the HR20
2) On your remote,press and hold the "SELECT" and "MUTE" buttons. Wait for the Green lights at the top of your remote to blink twice. Then enter" 963" ,then press "CHANNEL DOWN" button. Wait for the Green light to blink 4 times. This procedure stops the IDing of the Remote to the Recv'r everytime you press a Remote button(I know it sounds weird but it seems to work for me!!)
Good Luck!

then i asked

do you hold the channel down button down until it blinks 4 times or do you just push it down briefly?
Just push down briefly.

04-05-2012, 12:22 PM

Well, after many attempts at resolving this issue, I can definitively say (in my case at least) that I think I have resolved the issue. I too spent time with D support and got tired of the BS about resetting NVRAM and all that nonsense. Having an IT background caused me to think about this at length and here is what I found.
- NVRAM reset did nothing
- Batteries in remote did nothing, as well as other remote
- The HR22 has a 500gb drive
- D offered me an upgrade - well not really, just buy the new receiver/DVR for $500. Great, that's helpful, except I really don't need to record 5 channels at once
- The DVR was four years old, I owned it and it was clearly off warranty. When I say I own it, at the time I bought it, it was made clear that it was mine and my problem if it went bad.
- This problem was severe when recording two channels at once
- I noticed that some outfits out there were offering HD upgrade kits, leading me to believe that perhaps the drive was your basic OEM model (before I opened up the unit.
- The screws to open the DVR are some special torx with a security nub, preventing the faint at heart from messing around.

Now, here is my solution. Please understand this is my experience, not my recommendation, and you are on your own if you happen to want to duplicate my experience and trash your unit. Not my problem, and certainly not D's problem. If you have a little mechanical experience and have upgraded a PC, then this should be fairly easy. If you don't, then find a friend or send your unit out.

The bottom line after swapping hard drives with my other working unit was that the drive was crapping out. It got so bad that it sometimes took 5 seconds to five minutes to get the guide to display. POR'ing the unit did nothing. The other 500GB drive worked great. This is a standard WD 500GB 'green' drive. It dawned on me that it appears that only recoded stuff sits on the drive. The DVR OS is probably stored on flash or NVRAM. So, a trip to Microcenter was made, and I brought home a 2TB WD 'green' drive, put it in and am watching TV as I write this. Which means that I also have 4x recording space. It this upgrade holds up, great. If not, I tried. Can't see any reason why I won't get another few years out of it.

So, in summary for those not familiar with PC components, hard drives don't last forever, but they are 'smart' enough to flail away with bad spots and such until the day they meet their maker. Sure would be nice if D let you know. Of course they know, but no upside of helping you resolve the problem when they can sell you a $500 upgrade or even the HR24.

And if you can't figure out how to remove the security screws, then you should probably get help. I hope this little tome helps some of you out there. And yes, drives can fail even after a few months. These are not enterprise grade drives that can run for ten years. They are desktop models that cost next to nothing.



04-06-2012, 06:21 AM
That's part of the reason they went to the leased units. If it dies they send you another one.

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