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Happy with dish 1000 upgrade!

10-19-2005, 05:13 PM
Just had a technician come out and upgrade my new dish network install. Originally I had the top 180 package plus the standard HD package. I upgraded to the dish 1000 for $99 installed, and had that put in today. They simply replaced my dish 500 although I was told they add the new dish and keep the existing one. All of the Voom channels are great and really add to the HD lineup. I may or may not keep HBO and SHOTIME HD now after my initial free months. Overall I feel that I have a superior HD lineup to Directv as far as HD, plus all the regular programming I had with Directv. I believe the HD lineup is only 5 or 6 channels now. I can't wait to see Dishnetwork when they expand the HD lineup even more, but for now nearly 20 HD channels will suffice :yippee: