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Suggestions for surround sound

11-24-2011, 02:16 PM
Currently moved into a new house from a 400 square ft apt., and am looking for some advice on adding surround sound speakers. Below is what I currently have. I have been happy and like the Boston Acoustic speakers, but not stuck on them.

I currently have a:
- Samsung 42" LCD - looking at buying a 60" LED tomorrow
- Denon AVR-2310CI receiver
- Boston Acoustic Micro 80XII Bookshelf- currently in front, would like to use them for the back
- Boston Acoustic PV600 Sub

I'm looking for a:
- A center channel speaker
- 2 new Front's - I was told (fiance) that I don't floor standing speakers..:) Something we can mount on the ceiling corner angled down - which really is not that big of a deal for me either
- Would like 2 sides also - but not a deal breaker.
- There are currently speaker wires hanging from the ceiling for the 2 rear speakers and one front. The owners before had the TV setup in the corner.

- TV Room is roughly 18ft x 14ft
- TV will be mounted on the front 14ft wall above a fireplace the back is all open into the kitchen.

thanx all

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