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Receiver shutting off when playing sound from cable box

10-07-2005, 09:33 PM
I have an Onkyo TX-SR302 receiver (http://www.us.onkyo.com/model.cfm?m=TX-SR302&class=Receiver&p=i) for my home theater system. It worked fine for about five months. Then, whenever I'd switch it on to listen to the TV, it would shut off immediately (a relais would click, red LED on the panel flashes). I assume this is some sort of protection feature against overload. This problem does not occur when I watch a DVD movie, it's only with cable.

I have my cable box (Time Warner SA83000HD DVR) connected to the receiver via the digital coax. The DVD player is connected via the optical input. Is it possible the signal from the cable box is too strong?

I replaced the receiver (with the same model - it happened to be on sale), again 4-5 months without problems, then the same thing started happening again.
Because of the 5 month delays, I've also suspected that this might be an environmental problem. The TV & receiver are in the basement, and during the summer it might have gotten too humid. On the other hand, the TV (Samsung 50' DLP) doesn't seem to have a problem with it, nor does any of the other equipment.

Anybody have any ideas why only cable is causing the receiver to shut off?