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red clouding on 50 inch plasma

04-25-2011, 09:31 AM
Samsung pn50a650 plasma 3 years old, on black scenes {space} there are red dots or snow or clouding on the bottom one to four inches of tv. it is not solid but sort of blending in with the black. the tech. turned the vscan down to 189, it won't go any lower. That helps some. the rec. setting for the vscan is 205. The first tech. about 1.5 years ago turned vscan down to 194 to get rid of problem. Now the questions, the snow is still visible somewhat during dark scenes but not while watching most shows. Does vscan setting that low have any adverse effect on my calibrating this tv with blu-ray calibration disc? Any adverse effects at all on the performance of tv and last what is the next step to get rid of this small but irritating problem. { this tv is under extended warranty with DTV express, has anybody ever dealt with this company}?