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Panasonic P50GT25 - question on IR sensitivity...please help!

04-23-2011, 09:25 AM
Hello everyone. Some background first, I picked up the GT25 about 2 months ago after research here and on AVS. Being an avid gamer and BR movie watcher, I decided that the GT25 was the way to go for me. It's one hell of a beautiful TV to say the least.

I admit that I did not run a "break-in" procedure that is so commonly discussed on here, but I was careful not to leave static images on for too long, or watch TV in 4:3. At first I used my TV's game mode.

After playing God of War 3 for 2 hours straight, I shut down my TV and went to bed. When turning on the TV the next day I noticed IR of some images that aren't 100% static, but images that appear consistently in the same place and then fade away (Kratos' Rage of Sparta meter and the heath/magic/item bars). My contrast and brightness were 70/50 at this time in Game Mode.

Looking around on how to get rid of the IR, I used the screen wipe for about an hour and then put Planet Earth on repeat for 4 hours, at 100 contrast on Custom Mode on a bright episode with lots of whites. The IR has cleared up about 75% I'd say and I'd like to think it's eventually going to disappear. I only can see the IR when the screen is a certain color (i.e. the PS3 XMB screen) but normal movie/TV viewing it's hard to see any IR unless you know exactly where/what to look for.

After some reading on these forums I realized I should have ran at a lower contrast so early in my plasma's life, and I'm now I'm using THX mode at a 50 contrast-60 brightness with pixel orbiter set to 1 minute.

So after saying all of this, I am legitimately concerned at how sensitive my TV is to IR. For example, I played Bioshock 2 for 5 minutes and after quitting the game I noticed slight IR of the HUD display on my TV - which will probably go away easily but it sure showed up quick!!! Even after playing God of War 3 for 2 hours, I never thought I would see IR after that time given all the things I read about the Panasonic plasmas.

So should I exchange this TV for a new one? Is such easily acquired IR normal? Will this problem I have get worse, or will smart maintenance keep the IR at bay? I would appreciate your expert feedback. Thank you.