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Mitsubishi blinks red occasionally

01-24-2011, 11:05 AM
We're using a four year old Mits Diamond 65" (#65831 IIFC) and it's been an absolutely terrific unit.We had the bulb replaced last year under the extended warranty (paid for itself) and then right after that, they modified/defeated an OEM temp sensor at the bulb that was a known issue with these models ...

We have had no issues at all since, until this month. Twice now, the screen has gone blank and the LED on front blinks red. But after hitting the power button it comes right back on...so obviously the bulb is not blown again. So why does it do this?

For what it's worth, the TV is in an open area, not enclosed in a cabinet or anything to make it get dusty or overheat.

Thanks for any suggestions.