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Heading to Direct

09-26-2005, 12:40 PM
Just called Dish to try to get some type of deal on the 942. Spoke with Supervisor Ken and his sparkling personality. Not only won't they give a deal, they claim it is $798 or $100 more than on the website. In addition, new customers get the receiver for $250, but "that promotion is not available to regular customers", even though I have been one for 8 years. Might as well head to Direct and get a much better deal and also my locals in HD. Am I missing something or is Dish just trying to lose customers?

09-26-2005, 02:53 PM
DN has always said they want to attract new customers, and offer more deals to that end. I have been told if you want to get something out of dish, not trying to get everything as opposed to one thing in you eight years. Tell rep you want to disconnect, they will transfer you to a specific department. Tell this person your concern and see what they offer you to stay. Make sure you are short and concise. I have been told this does work at times, many phone reps can only do what they are told. Disconnect has more say. It doesn't hurt to try. I have also heard DN has deals for returning customers. So disconnecting for a little bit might help.