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Samsung LN40C630 Issues im having

11-28-2010, 05:50 AM
So im new to the whole HDTV thing.. Until last week I still had a 10 year old 32 inch dinosaur..

I did alot of research before I bought anything and I read reviews from people and " other sites " which I now believe tv manufacturers pay of to give there product a good review..

So I bought the Samsung LN40C630 because everyone said if im gonna have my computer hooked up I wont get burn in. Which was why I went with LCD... the words Burn In scared me into LCD..

OK so heres my issues..

1) First and major issues is BLUR.. For the most part blur isnt really that bad UNTIL you get to the fast moving scenes and more importantly scenes with alot of background noise.. Ive noticed that in crowd scenes peoples faces are really blurry along with other background happenings.. My eyes have always been sensitive my whole life. My doctor said I have eyesight like a hawk lol. So im guessing the LCD blur is affecting me big time..

I was thinking of exchanging it for the Samsung PN50C550G1F
Is this a good model to buy? and is "Burn In" really that big of an issue. I plan on using the screen for my computer sometime...

2) Another issue I dont like is when watching SD channels. Unfort some channels my Comcast has arent in HD.. When im watching SD channels the picture looks like im watching tv through a dirty window. Even when i switch to 4:3 screen its far from clear and crisp or even really watchable. Could it be my Cable Box or the setting from the cable box.. " Motorola DCX3200m"

Any suggestions..

11-28-2010, 11:21 AM
Some people seem to be more sensitive than others to motion blur. I'm not, so I am happy with an LCD. In your case, you may well be better off with a plasma. According to what I see on this forum, actual "burn in" appears not to be a big issue if reasonable care is taken. IR remains somewhat of an issue, but there are various ways to remove it.

SD will not look good on a flat screen. It may look somewhat better on a high end plasma than it does with your current LCD, but with eyes as sensitive as yours seem to be, SD will likely never look "good".

11-28-2010, 03:01 PM
If you do not hook a computer up to it as your computer monitor I would recommend a plasma for you. But remember that some content has blur in the source which will still be seen with plasma as well. cannot change the source blur no matter what.