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Sony HDR Wide Angle Lenses

11-18-2010, 08:12 AM
Hi all,

I own a sony hdr-sr11, and recently got a wide angle lens. Problem I have is that is gives me a black tunnel effect,as per the photo below.


I have selected the 'wide conversion' option on the camcorder menu,but still get the black circle around the image.


Is this the norm on wide angle lenses, or am i missing something?

Thank guys.

11-18-2010, 01:49 PM
Yes, it's the norm. It's the risk you run when putting anything in front of your lens. It's called vignetting and it happens anytime you add something to the front of your cam. Better lenses minimize this.

Which lens is it? Is it the Sony one designed specifically for this cam or from somewhere else? Are you using a step-up or step-down adapter ring to attach it? Are you using it in front of a UV filter? The lens needs to be the exact correct size for your cam and it must be mounted directly to the threads in the front of the cam with nothing in between.

The Wide Conversion setting has nothing to do with this -- it's all about the OIS or EIS, whichever your cam has. In fact, it says that right at the bottom of the screen -- it's to set the optimal STEADYSHOT type.