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Replacement Toshiba DLP Lamp

11-04-2010, 04:07 PM
I have a Toshiba 46HM84 DLP TV. The bulb has been replaced under warranty several times, but now it's out and the warranty has expired. Assuming that we don't take the option of just buying a new TV (which we're still considering), what brand and store should I use?

I have seen positive references to Phillips bulbs, but don't know if there is even one available for my TV. I tried using the manufacturer's model as a reference, but can't seem to find it on toshibadirect.com. I did find an interesting note on the product page for AdvancedLamps.com (and yes, I verified that there was a lawsuit):

At Advanced Lamps we want to be clear of the situation with Toshiba RPTV lamps! To start there has been much issue with Toshiba Televisions, they have been known to cause lamps to prematurely fail - in fact there has been numerous class action lawsuits as a result of this. At the time the failures began to run rampant, many aftermarket manufacturers decided to start making this product in hopes of making a better product than Toshiba had released. They failed. How do we know? We sold this aftermarket product and it was a horrible decision. The failure rate is tremendous - over 40%!! We stopped selling the product for some time as it was not worth supplying the Toshiba product or the aftermarket product that is available. What we did do was get in line with a manufacturer and together found and corrected the major issue. Our Toshiba RPTV lamps use the original burner, the same technology the original Toshiba lamp is based on, the same exact piece - we buy from the same plant that produces this burner for Toshiba.

The result, a more reliable and stable end product, we even offer a 180 day warranty on ours. Be very wary of any other retailer selling aftermarket Toshiba Lamps! They are selling the product we stopped selling, it is inferior and will undoubtedly fail prematurely if it even works at all. We know for absolute fact no one else is selling the lamps we are selling because we are in complete control of the manufacturing process and this product is not and will not be made available to any other retailers! Buy smart!

But I have found posts here that paint AL in a very poor light.

So, to reiterate my question. What lamp, and from where? Your opinions and educated guesses, please...