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ZeeVee Introduces ZvPro™ 280 HD Encoder/Modulator

10-20-2010, 08:00 AM
New flagship model for distributing HD video over coax

Littleton, Mass. Sept. 16, 2010—ZeeVee has announced the release of its new Flagship ZvPro 280 HD encoder/modulator, featuring a new video encoding process that delivers exceptional video performance.

ZeeVee’s ZvBoxes™ shatter the cost barrier for distributing HD video and digital signage within a building. Based on the same technology used by cable companies and TV stations, ZvBoxes distribute HD video sources as HDTV cable channels, over existing coax. The source/channel can be tuned in by any HDTV connected to the coax network -- dramatically dropping deployment costs.

Vic Odryna, CEO of ZeeVee, said, “We’ve been working tirelessly on the ZvPro 280 and our new thirdgeneration encoder for many months, and we’re thrilled with the results.” He added, “It has greatly enhanced our video performance, especially when broadcasting 1080i. The quality rivals that of encoder/modulators that are many times more expensive.”

Typical applications for ZeeVee’s HD encoder/modulators include distributing HD video and digital signage in: bars and restaurants with multiple displays; public venues like stadiums and airports; hotels that have personalized guest services or local marketing needs; high‐end homes where owners would like to access all their HD video sources, like HD cable boxes or media servers, from any room.

The ZvPro 280 replaces the ZvPro 250, and will be sold to value‐added resellers (VARs) and integrators through authorized distributors. ZeeVee has partnered with JB&A Distribution and AMT, Inc. in the USA and Canada, and Duosan Innovative Solutions in Mexico to serve the commercial markets. Capitol Sales, AVAD and Positive Marketing (Canada) serve the connected‐home and light‐commercial markets.

About ZeeVee

ZeeVee, Inc. uses broadcast and cable technologies to develop products for distribution of Digital Signage and HD Video sources, at game‐changing cost points. The ZvPro® and ZvBox® product lines of HD encoding and modulation gear serve the digital signage, private cable operator, and high end residential markets. For more information, visit the ZeeVee website.