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Help a clueless guy choose a 60hz or 120hz LCDTV

10-09-2010, 02:06 PM
Hello. Recently I have decided to get a 32 inch LCD TV for one of my bedrooms( it's actually a home office) It will replace an old standard TV. 32 inches is the most that will fit in the designated area. The refresh rate seemed important to me, since I plan on watching lots of sports and hooking up a PS3 or XBox360 to it( haven't decided on that one either:what: ) Now, I was told that on 32 inches, the refresh rate really won't make that much of a difference, so I bought a LG32LD450, which was 1080p and 60hz and the price was right. However, I seem to notice some distortion. The most noticeable of which is when watching hockey or football or even baseball, whenever the camera moves, there seem to be faint lines going from top to bottom of the screen, and are more noticeable on lighter surfaces. As soon as the camera stops, they disappear. These are light lines and one of those things that a lot of people might not notice, but when you DO notice them once, you notice them all the time and it is annoying. Is that something that would be remedied by 120hz? Plus the colors on the TV just seem a little sub par and dull.

The TV I am considering returning it for is a 32 inch Sony Bravia( model KDL32EX500 ), which has the 120 refresh rate and that motion smoothing thingy Motion Flow or whatever. but then when i did my research, I am reading that some people have been having glitches when using that technology. Has that been fixed or at least minimized? I keep hearing about some Soap Opera effect which i have no clue what that means. So I'm just really confused and don't know what to do. It just seems like there is a con everywhere you look. This is really the first time I have bought a HDTV. When i moved into my home, I got a 50 something inch Plasma as a gift and have had no issues with it. But that was in my living room and my bedrooms just had the old SD TVs. I'd really appreciate any help/insight/advice that anyone can give me with my situation. Especially some opinions on the Two TVs I mentioned( the LG and the Bravia that I am considering)

PS I am sorta on a budget, so the LED TVs I am seeing would probably be out( also have no clue what LED is, but that isn't the point). The Bravia is 699 at BB and I really don't want to spend that much more. Thanks again

10-09-2010, 02:36 PM
The SOE (soap Opera Effect) is more noticeable with movies since they have a certain look because they are filmed at 24Fps, while video is usually shot at 60Fps (Hz). SOE can be at least mostly eliminated if the display lets you choose between using smoothing (which is by interpolating what the TV thinks is changing between each time it refreshes the screen versus just repeating the same frame 120x) On video it is not as big a deal as it is with movies.

The EX500 gets very good reviews for PQ, but to some extent you are going to have to live with some motion issues/smearing with all LCDs. They just do not have the pixel response times (how long it takes for the pixel to change states - i.e. blue to green or one shade of gray to another) anywhere near as fast as your old CRT or plasma have. The fastest rated LCD panel is currently 2ms, while plasmas are 0.001ms which is 2,000x faster.

They can use "trickery" with refresh cycles to try to hind it, but they cannot eliminate it unfortunately. Some people see this more than others do depending on your eyes and how your brain processes the info from the eye, but you sound like you are more sensitive to this than some who say they don't see this much.

Another issue that happens with LCD and not an issue with CRTs & plasmas is what is called Video Lag. Many LCDs have a lot of processing involved with turning signals into pictures and when playing a fast action game the screen is slower than where the console actually is at so when you press the button based on what is on the screen compared to where the console is actually at you can be late pressing the button. Some of this can be adjusted by learning to hit the button slightly sooner (when swinging the bat, kicking a ball, etc.), but then if you play the same game elsewhere, you will be off there on that TV. They do have a game mode that usually minimizes this by reducing the processing done.

So if you plan on a lot gaming you should take the time to find a brand/model that offers a game mode that actually does stop most processing. Just having a Game Mode does not mean it does this reduced processing with this and could be just another screen mode for different picture settings.

Your 32" size limit means you are "stuck" with LCD as plasma does not go smaller than 42". Are you sure you cannot go bigger than 32"? There is a Panasonic 42" S2 plasma on sale for $680.00 at Best Buy right now:


How far away are you sitting from the TV? If you are more than 5' away a 32" screen size is not going to be large enough to actually see the full resolution of a 1080p display.

Hope this helps & welcome to the forum! :hithere:

10-09-2010, 02:46 PM

have no clue what LED is
http://www.highdefforum.com/flat-panel-tvs/114509-led-lcds-sometimes-marketed-leds-still-lcds.htmlSoap Opera effect which i have no clue what that means



10-09-2010, 03:05 PM
Thanks of the info. And no, It can't be more than 32 inches, or else I would but that Plasma immediately! And I will be anywhere between 5-6 feet, maybe a bit less or more at times, away from the TV. The blurring actually seems to get less noticeable when i move back and a different angles.

And yes, In my initial research I learned that there will always be some blurring with LCDs. I guess what i am wondering is if the 120hz will be a noticeable upgrade over the 60 and if the smoothing thingy will make it better.

Also, si this Video Lag thing an issue with all LCDs, or just some? Cause I do plan on doing some gaming, mostly sports, and I don't want there to be a delay or anything.

Also want to ask about something you brought up. How noticeable is 1080p compared with 720p on a 32 incher? Cause I made sure to buy a 1080p for gaming and Blu Ray, but if you're saying you can't even notice it away from 5 feet and others have told me that the difference on 32 inch screens is minimal, I might just settle for a 720( if I end up going with 60hz, since 120hz are 1080p)

10-09-2010, 03:17 PM
I would get 720, as you will not notice the difference. You can still benefit with BR though.