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HD in England guys?

09-06-2004, 02:38 PM
Dear Farther Christmas (I like to be punctual)

I have been a good boy this year, so will you please send me an HD signal in the post because I am fed up with euro RGB scart 625i lines.

My American friends across the pond are enjoying the delights of HDTV so why cant I? (yes there is 1 euro1080 channel but there is bugger all showing on it)
I heard BSkyB are going to start transmitting in HD by 2006, but I want to know what channels are taking part( if you know), what type of resolution and what type of connection is going to be standerdised. There are four to choose from (correct me if i am wrong) DVI, HDMI, component or the weird USB thingy connection.

HDTV has been bugging me and my fellow county men for some while. Why o why has it taken this long to get the HD ball rolling in England. After all we have the most sophisticated digital TV, Radio network in Europe and to top that off ,the BBC has been conducting HDTV research for the past 12-15 years!
Someone must be responsilble for narrow minded thinking, and I bet the finger points at Brussels. Jolly foreigners :)

Hopefully you can shine some light on the matter (and some pressies)

Yours Faithfully, Too much watching TV Boy

09-17-2004, 05:02 AM
Chris Cringle has asked me to reply.

The EBU have suggested 720p50 for the Euro standard with a move to 1080p50 when that is possible.

The BBC's playout centre showed some HD stuff last week at Amsterdam's IBC show via Eutelsat at 33 degrees East.

The French consortium are running HD tests ready for TPS to start late 2005 and Astra has it's own HD test.

As a good boy FC will be sending you a nice shiny 40" LCD for Christmas courtesy of Toshiba.