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Sony KDS-R60XBR1

09-01-2010, 03:26 PM
Please help, I just replaced the lamp in my Sony Grand Wega after the follow problem:

The TV would power up for 2-3 seconds and shut off. The stand-by light would then flash 4 times in red. I replaced the lamp and followed other posts on how to access the lamp reset menu. I have had no luck. The TV is on so briefly that I cannot push the buttons fast enough OR I'm using a sequence not meant for this model.

PS - This is my 3rd lamp since Feb 2006. 1st one replaced by Sony warranty/class action, 2nd by me.

Help is greatly appreciated and Thanks

09-01-2010, 05:16 PM
The TV would power up for 2-3 seconds and shut off. The stand-by light would then flash 4 times in red.
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I'm not sure of the 4 blinks, but 3 blinks indicate that either the new bulb is not installed correctly or the door isn't shut correctly. I would check those. Take your bulb assembly back out...look at it sternly...then put it back in. :)

You go through a few bulbs...should get around 8000 hours per bulb. Do you have any weird power issues in your area? I have my TV connected with a UPS. It rides out the power blips and lets me shut down my TV so the cooling fan can lower the bulb temp (less thermal stress).

When you replaced your lamp, you didn't touch the glass with your hand did you?
The normal skin oil will result in a hot spot on the glass and cause early failure.

Make sure your TV has at least 4 inches of clearance on the left, right and rear...with 12" of clearance on top....for proper ventilation.

09-02-2010, 09:50 AM
it sounds like the problem is coming form your BALLAST board
specially if you have a new lamp and it only turns on for a few seconds I think the reason that happens is because the ballast gathers enough energy to turn the lamp on but is to weak to maintain the lamp on and that is the reason it turns off again
I hope this was helpful good luck

12-09-2010, 09:15 PM
did you ever get your problem fixed?

according to my guide, it appears that you didn't put the lamp in properly, and that reinstalling it should have solved your problem. Did it?