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DVR 942 Intermittent Blackout

09-03-2005, 02:26 PM
OK, I've had my 942 receiver for 3 months now, and it, combined with the HD package (and VOOM channels) and lots of OTA HD broadcasts, along with all of the great features of the 942 would all be extremely satisfying .... except ...

Intermittently, the output from the HDMI port will just stop for 1 to 3 seconds (resulting, of course, in a blank screen and no audio). Sometimes it happens every 15-30 seconds for a few minutes, and sometimes it doesn't happen for many hours. I see it on both HD and SD channels, but only on TV1.

The first call to DISH tech support resulted in the tech stating that they have heard this problem from quite a few users, and that a new software download would be addressing the problem. So, the software has now been revved from L226 to L229, but the symptoms remain the same.

The latest tech support call (today) resulted in the (not so helpful) tech stating that he had never heard of this problem before, and that we should switch to using the component output. (!!!!!) That, or swap the 942 for a new one.

Anyone else using the HDMI interface seeing the same problem, or do I have a lemon of a 942?

10-19-2005, 01:19 PM
I have the same issue. But, I am using the Bell Expressvu 9200 (Canadian version of the 942) and a Panasonic AE900U front projector. All is fine with component but HDMI blackouts when switching channels.

I understand it is a handshaking issue. I plan not to wait and will have to upgrade my DVD player anyway so it will get the HDMI cable. Very little difference between the 2 even viewed 12 inches away from a 106" screen :)


10-20-2005, 07:52 AM

Thanks for your reply -- I was starting to believe I *was* the only one, though tech support assures me that they are receiving tons of calls on this issue.

UPDATE: I am still having the same intermittent dropout (video and audio) over the HDMI interface -- and -- with the latest software update, I have tons more video decompression artifacting when there is rapid movement in the picture. This new problem is supposed to be backed out in the next software update (tech support says it will happen in less than two weeks). They also stated, as dialdn notes, that the problem is a handshake problem between the 942 and the tv, and that they hope to have it worked out by December.

I guess all I can say for now is that when its good, its really, really good, and that is enough to have me hang on and suffer through the bad (and that is really, really bad)!

- RussS