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Medical & laboratory equipment

08-22-2010, 10:30 PM
MedWOW offers a platform for pre-owned medical equipment dealers, brokers, service providers, medical institutions & clinics, dismantlers and manufacturers from around the world to easily interact with one another, penetrate new markets, and conduct business.
Global trade of used medical equipment
MedWOW facilitates users from different regions of the world to communicate and ultimately conduct business with one another. The multilingual site eliminates language barriers that have often restricted industry professionals from different countries from doing business. Similarly, buyers and sellers can effortlessly communicate with one another through a multilingual questions and answers mechanism with pre-phrased and free text questions and answers that are unique for each device. The currency convertor tool, updated on a daily basis, allows users to view prices in their preferred currency, selected from a list of every international currency.
Peace-of-mind through a secure platform
MedWOW has implemented various tools and services in order to enhance the security and safety of transactions conducted through the site. Ethical and secure trading is promoted on MedWOW through a variety of features that benefit both buyers and sellers alike, such as: inspection services, escrow payment services, mediation & arbitration services and a rating program.