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VGA hiccups with my camcorder

08-07-2010, 11:32 AM
I have posted this on several different forums, but none of them could help me diagnose my problem or fix it. I'm hoping you people here can help me, because I'd really like to keep my camcorder from aborting its recording process so I can have a nice consecutive recording session.

I have an Aiptek A-HD+ 1080p HD camcorder (model is V5VP), and I use it as a capture card emulator to record my video games since I couldn't get an actual capture card. It does its job well, but it has a few quirks in VGA mode, and I'll explain them, but first I should probably describe my set-up.

I have three AV cables with a single jack end. The single jack end goes into my camcorder's AV in/out/headphones port on its rear, and the three AV cables go in their respective out ports in the back of my 13" TruTech SDTV. I open up my camcorder's LCD screen, and three modes come up: "Headphones, AV Out, AV In"; I choose AV in, and I see whatever is on my TV screen appear on the camcorder's LCD screen: it is now in VGA mode. All I have to do from here is press the record trigger on the front, and the camcorder starts recording in-line from the TV.

Now for my problem. Sometimes while in VGA mode, recording or not, the image on the LCD screen will flicker similar to the ending sequence of a film projector movie, and will either say "No Signal", or just abort VGA mode without warning. I am then forced to remove and re-plug the single jack back into the AV in/out port, and I get the image back again, but it still may happen more than once if the slightest thing in the picture on the TV changes. This doesn't happen while I'm recording myself playing in the middle of a video game, but certain parts of the game - like a cut-scene transition for instance - may disturb the recording process and cause it to abruptly end its recording process.

Some other minor problems I've experienced is my camcorder: it will sometimes record a colored-TV cartoon in black and white, and it also records everything with a bit of extra brightness to it, and I can't adjust the brightness. Like I adjust it on the TV, but the camcorder's image remains unaffected. I could even turn my TV off, and the image would still be on my camcorder's LCD. Adjusting the camcorder's brightness doesn't ameliorate it either.