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Toshiba 72MX195 Red Horizontal Streaks Over Picture

08-02-2010, 10:20 AM
Hi All,
Watching a movie the other night a red (horizontal) streak started across the screen. To make sure where it was coming from, I disconnected the Blu-Ray player from the television, while nothing else was connected to the TV, I turned it back on and the red streaks where still there. I had another (new) lamp which I installed but
it made (no) difference. These red (horizontal) streaks seems to appear more when there is brighter white areas next to dark areas. The red streaks will be, sometimes, very small (not all the way across) other times all the way across and even full screen or multiples of 3 to 10 bars more or less. The picture is still there but when these red streaks exist they seem to be flashing fairly fast (as a constant blinking of your eyes). When red is over full screen and in larger areas it looks as if the picture was shot in a red light danger zone type of scene. Sometimes in shots where peoples faces are fairly close their flesh tone in the highlighted places are a light muddy color look instead of normal skin highlights. During a lot of scences there is NO red streaking what so ever and ALL colors look normal.
I took out the color wheel to give it a visual look see, I cleaned the color wheel dust free and the wheel seemed to spin with the flick of a finger with NO noise or grinding.

That's it... any help would really be appreciated!!! :busy:


08-07-2010, 11:29 AM
wrong section -you have a REAR projection tv not a front projector.