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Cable box for bulk account?

07-19-2010, 06:23 PM
Did a search with no luck...

I am working in CA and living in a travel trailer parked in an RV park on a monthly basis. I travel quite a bit and sometimes put the TT in storage while I'm gone. The RV park provides cable tv (Time Warner) as part of the rent. Straight cable connection (BNC) into the TT and on to the tv.

I want to get an HDTV, but am not sure what kind of connection I need. The park owner says people just connect their HDTV into the cable and "dial it in", whatever that means. I'm unsure if she knows what she is talking about.

Went to the Time Warner office and they said that is a Bulk Account, which means it is in one name, but distributes the cable to a bunch of users. They weren't sure how I should go about it.

Anyone seen this kind of issue before? I have a mailing address (PO Box), so if I delve deeper into Time Warner I might be able to break the code. I guess I'm wondering what the park manager is referring to with her comment. Thanks!

Sooner Al
07-21-2010, 04:56 AM
You can try scanning the digital channels with your HDTV once you get it hooked up (ie. just plugged into the existing coax outlet on the wall). Check the users manual for help with that. You might be able to pickup the locals in HD. You won't, or shouldn't, get the other HD channels, ie. like ESPN, etc, because those should be encrypted.

To add...

We have a vacation condo in South Texas and I simply pay the difference between what the condo HOA pays Time Warner for the Expanded Basic service (that is built into my HOA fee) and what I wanted, ie. a HD DVR, the Digital Cable tier, the HD/Sports tier and the Movie tier. This last winter (we only go down there in the winter months) I got that for about $30 per month.

So you just need to call TW and see what they can offer.

As far as connecting the HDTV to a TW set top box you can use either...

* Component cables, ie. 3 video and two audio

* HDMI, ie. all video and audio on one cable

Some HDTVs and set top boxes have handshake issues with HDMI. If TW gives you a free HDMI cable try it. It may work for you. If not then run down to Walmart and purchase a cheap set of component cables. In any case don't purchase an expensive HDMI cable. Its not worth it and in most cases the difference between video quality between a HDMI cable and component cables is non-existent or not noticeable.

07-21-2010, 09:35 PM
Thanks, Sooner Al! I'll try it out. My SIL and niece both live in Norman.