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help! dotted checkerboard effect on my vizio

07-06-2010, 11:29 AM
ok so i was having problems with a red/green tint around all the blacks on my vizio va22LF connected to my 360 via hdmi. i changed my 360s color space to ycbcr709 with standard reference levels vs rgb with expanded reference levels it seemed to help a little. however it was still very noticeable so i messed around with the brightness and contrast some more and finally i found a setting that eliminated the tint completely however theres a dotted checkerboard that appears in light scenes and turning the brightness down one notch got rid of the dots but brought back the awful tint. also the settings made the picture a washed out so i was wondering if tuning the reference levels or turing on the black level extender on the tv itself will help

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