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Little Big Planet 2 Should Be Incredible - Preview in latest EGMi

05-21-2010, 05:00 AM
There is a preview of LBP2 in the latest issue of EGMi (issue 238.4).

I don't think that you have to be a subscriber to read the article, but you do have to be a subscriber to see the video...and seeing the video, as short as it is, is enough to get LBP fans intensely excited about the sequel. :D

Some very smart moves from the developer...one extremely smart move is backwards-compatability with LBP. That's just excellent. Also smart on the dev's part was the fact that, according to the article, 10% of the game's development team is comprised of actual seasoned LBP players! :thumbsup:

Not only should the core gameplay be immensely improved, but the create & share aspect should be several of orders of magnitude better. Not only will there be more tools and backwards-compatability with LBP, but now you can create games that aren't even platforming levels!! :eyecrazy

Subscribers should check out the video. You can see racing games, a Space Invaders clone, a Gradius-like-game clone, a Bubble Blaster clone, and a Breakout clone that were made using the creation tools. Awesometastic. :banana:

The graphics look stunning (check out those screenshots!), and from reading the article you can tell that the actual game itself is gonna totally rock. The devs are really going all-out on this sequel.

In the video, it states that over 2 million LBP levels have been created and shared. One can only imagine what will come out of LBP2.

LBP2 looks like it is gonna be absolutely superb, and I doubt that I'm the only person who can't wait...

Head over to www.egmnow.com to check out it out!

05-21-2010, 09:04 PM
Day F*cking 1 buy

05-25-2010, 06:52 PM
I am so going to jump on LBP 2 pre-order.

05-25-2010, 09:33 PM
I am so going to jump on LBP 2 pre-order.

No joke...I can't wait to pre-order date, much less release date! :p