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samsung ln52b750 vs ln55b630

04-17-2010, 04:30 PM
I originally was looking at the ln52b750, but someone on the forum suggested the ln55c630....saying it was a newer and may be cheaper. I did find the c630 at best buy for $1700, and have not been able to find the b750 any where, except online (really want to buy at a store so I can return easier if there's a problem).

1. The b750 is 240Hz with 2ms response time and the c630 is 120Hz with 4ms....is there a noticeable difference in picture qualtiy? I'm more concerned in the 2ms vs 4ms.

2. I've been trying to find out if either of these models have the power supply problems that I have read about?

3. Does anyone know what models were the first to have that problem and if fixed, which model came out after the fix?