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new feb Dish price = sending back my 2nd 722

03-28-2010, 06:58 PM
Wow what a bunch of crap!!!

I have 2 722's, a 301 and a 510

I was using each 722 as a single reciever with 3 tuner dvr feature and/or pip

Now that the 2nd 722 starting costing $17 that is just rediculous for a fee to feed one tv, not worth $7 for pip

So i bought a 50' hdmi cable and hooked up my 2nd HD tv to that, using the tv2 remote in that room and now my theater and my flatscreen will be on the same channel but still both in HD, dont really bother me as i dont need diff programming between the two.

And i can still use tuner 2 output for the flatscreen in SD if really needed.

At least they dont charge me the $7 extra for the first 722, that would really bother me.

So they deactivate it, but wont send a box for it for over 30 days or more thinking that i may want to reactivate it, ok whatever its going back either way, waste of money.

Im thinking of keeping the other tv2 remote, think they will charge me if it doesnt come back with the reciever?

03-30-2010, 09:50 AM
just make sure you send back my sister forgot go send a 722 back and my dads credit card was charged 450 bux lol. i wouldnt worry about the remote.

04-04-2010, 06:29 AM
When you send it back, make sure you keep all of your receipts from ups. Dish tends to lose boxes, and then will try to say you never sent it. There are some post on here about it. DTV also does it.