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Diplexing single wire HDTV

08-18-2005, 01:54 PM
Could someone point me to a diagram of how to diplex the following:

I have a triple LNB dish with 5 wires running to Spaun 5x12 multiswitch. All of the HDTVs in the house work fine, but I forgot to run wire to the garage. I am needing to share signal from bedroom 1 (HDTV - mirroring channels) but running diplexed SAT signal on wire to bedroom 2 via the multiswitch central closet (ultimately tapping through bedroom 2 wall into garage). As the wire run out to bedroom 1 added to run to bedroom 2 is ~130', I assume a 20db signal booster may be necessary...thoughts?

Any wisdom would greatly be appreciated.

08-19-2005, 07:38 AM
Its better to run a distribution box for your HD

08-23-2005, 12:14 AM
Thanks for your reply...I need more detail though.

Do you mean a multiswitch? I already have a 5x12...are you suggesting splitting the SAT signal above the multiswitch, then connecting another multiswitch in the given room needing two wires by feeding it from two of the multiswitches ports?

08-25-2005, 02:51 PM
Are you going to put a receiver in the garage?
Yes, run a wire from the spaun would be the best solution.
No, Does your receiver out put standard def at the same time it is outputing HD to the bedrm TV?
Yes, Run a coax for video and a rca wire for audio and watch your High Def signal on a standard def tv in the garage.
No, get a HD-Component Dist. amp and run the correct cables to the garage to display the HD in the garage.

If you split a sat signal from the spaun, when one receive ask the spaun for a even transponder (18volt) then if the other receiver is watching a odd transponder (13volt) then lower voltage receiver will change channels.

Kind of hard to explain without typing a book. Lots of details to figure in.
If you can get a wire from the spaun to the garage, do that it will be much simplier. A HD-component distribution amp is expensive. If a HDMI distribution amp is made it is more expensive.
If you do want to work through this I need a equipment list and lets do it through e-mails.

Good Luck

08-25-2005, 04:31 PM
Are you wanting HD or SD in the garage?

08-26-2005, 01:06 PM
Here's a particularly clear explanation on rbink's blog-
guess he was to modest to link to it -
may not answer this particular question but it made the use of the 5x12 switch clearer to me than using the mfg's pages. - I plan on using something like this in the future - hopefully without depending on some "no-sleeve cableguy" to keep it working.