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JVC iART 48" 1080i CRT RPTV: sell/trade

03-15-2010, 11:29 PM
My JVC's convergence went out a few weeks ago, I replaced the ICs without replacing the resistors, which made the picture clearer but did not fix the red tube issue(can not adjust / save red settings) blue/green look fine. I turned off the red tube in the mean time so I could continue to watch TV. doable but ANNOYING to say the least. Well, instead of purchasing the resistors (and I'm assuming I need a new set of ICs) I decided to just get a replacement TV and get rid of this one. Honestly: this was the perfect opportunity for me to justify spending $800 on a Plasma. I know I could prob fix this for less then $60, but; I've wanted a Plasma/LCD for a long time... :)

I posted the JVC on craigslist figuring I could get a few bucks and find someone to pick it up, cart it out. Well It seems A LOT of people these days are selling RPTVs on CL, cheap. most are of the older variety... and although not HD, do project all 3 colors. I bumped the $100 to $50... still; nothing.

I purchased the TV a year ago from a police seized auction; which means it spent a chunk of time in storage not being used... and lasted me a year. the picture is still bright and clear; amazing, until I got the Plasma...

Last chance here, I'm located in central FL. $50 would be nice, or perhaps trade for something, barter if you will... I'm a computer/electronics nerd, if you want to trade for something; make me an offer. TV stand, dresser, whatever.

03-17-2010, 03:38 PM
You will probably end up paying $50 or more to have it hauled away.