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Panasonic S1 vs S14

03-08-2010, 07:36 AM
So a Best Buy employee talked me into buying a 50" S14 over a 42" S1 by telling me they were the exact same tv except the S14 had a VGA input. So I figured heck why not get the larger tv. Now I am finding out the S14 is actually a step down in terms of motion resolution (900 lines for S14 vs 1080p for the S1, will this cause any noticeable blurring, loss of detail or anything?). Also, the S14 apparently lacks a Game Mode (I told the guy gaming was the main reason I was buying a plasma). At first I thought the S14 for $930 was a good deal for a 50" plasma but now I'm not so sure. Just wondering what you guys think in terms of the S14 vs S1 for gaming. Thanks.

03-08-2010, 12:29 PM
I've got the S1 and it's very nice for gaming. Since it's plasma, the 600hz subfield really does help with moving images. But I do not use the game setting on the tv when I play xbox360 games. I've followed the settings from one of the user's recommendations in this flat panel thread section.

Can you return the s14 and get the s1 instead?? I know that going from a 50" down to a 42" is going to be a big hit to your eyes, but the vga input isn't going to be that much of a plus. You can hook up your video game console with an hdmi cable which will give you 1080p lines.