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Distant HD nets and how DTV is wrong

08-09-2005, 10:53 PM
I received a letter today from DTV telling me that I would loose my N.Y. HD nets because the law changed. It may have changed but here is part of the law directly from the FCC about customers who had distant HD nets prior to 12/8/2004. If you did, you need to fight DTV because they are illegally taking away stations:

7. How can I receive digital signals including high definition signals?
Local digital stations: As with analog signals, subscribers can install an antenna to receive digital (including “HD,” high definition, digital signals) broadcast signals over-the-air from local broadcasters that are transmitting in a digital format. In some cases, a small indoor antenna (like “rabbit ears”) may work; in other cases, you may need an outdoor antenna. Our special DTV website may help you find out which stations are broadcasting digital signals in your area and what type of antenna you need: www.dtv.gov. Alternatively, you may be able to subscribe to local-into-local digital service if your satellite carrier offers it. As of March, 2005, no satellite carrier is offering local-into-local digital signals.

Distant digital signals: Satellite carriers are not required to offer distant digital signals. If your satellite carrier offers distant signals, you may be eligible to subscribe to them if you one of the following situations applies to you.
You may be currently receiving or allowed to subscribe to distant digital signals pursuant to private agreements between your satellite carrier and one or more television networks. If, as of December 8, 2004, you received distant digital signals, you may continue to receive these signals as long as the agreement remains in effect. You may receive the digital signal regardless of whether the satellite company offers local-into-local digital service or whether you subscribe to such service. Ask your satellite carrier if it offers distant digital signals

08-10-2005, 07:20 PM
There's a difference between law and the FCC. Congress writes, and passes laws including those governing cable, sat, and broadband.

The FCC interprets those laws and sets policy.

D*, E*, cable etc. are bound by the policy established by the FCC.

I know: the law (SHVERA) changed last December. But the FCC has not established policy on SHVERA yet, and until they do the old policies remain in-force.

Read the email list sent daily by skyreport.com. They often have articles about how some faction is arguing with the FCC over how laws should be interpreted in terms of policy.

What sat is permitted or required to carry are big issues right now, especially in comparision to how cable is allowed to operate.

For instance: I live in western CT, where cable carries NY and CT locals. But the FCC treats satellite as a broadcast and can only offer me the NY locals (since Nielsen says my area is in the NY DMA).

08-11-2005, 01:45 AM
Ok,. but DTV told me that they have to follow the FCC. And clearly the FCC states that if you had distant nets in either SD or HD prior to 12/8/05, you get to keep them period.

08-11-2005, 11:41 AM
Ok,. but DTV told me that they have to follow the FCC. And clearly the FCC states that if you had distant nets in either SD or HD prior to 12/8/05, you get to keep them period.

I've never seen such a statement. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but unless you've read it in an FCC publication, treat it as hearsay.