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HD at a vacation home

01-12-2010, 05:07 PM
I now have a 311 SD receiver which I use at my normal house 95% of the time and take with me to a vacation home occasionally.
Now I want to update the HD reception.
If I have Dish install a HD system at my normal house, will I be able to use it at the vacation home using the old Dish 500 SD dish and LNBs? I don't care if I get HD at the vacation home.
Do I have to replace the Dish 500 dish & Lnb setup at the vac. house? If I do can I move the receiver between places?
Is there an easy way to make this transition happen and keep cost low for occasional use?

01-12-2010, 11:04 PM
The Dish 500 you have at your home and your vacation home will receive the 110 and 119 satellites, but most of the HD is on the satellite at 129 or 61.5 for the east coast.

If you want to use your new HD receiver at your vacation home as well as at your primary residence and still get more than 4 or 5 HD channels, you will either have to install a 3 lnb dish like the D1000.2 (WA) or D1000.4 (EA), or add a D300 or similar to pick up 129 or 61.5.

01-13-2010, 10:26 AM
If I leave the old Dish & Lnb setup as is at the vacation home and move the new HD receiver, can I still get the old SD channels - don't care about HD there.

If I do this temporary relocation, will I have to do any special set-up changes when making the installation?

01-13-2010, 10:52 AM
If you happen to own the sd receiver I would ask dish if you can activate it for when you are at the vacation home. We just set our camper up with HD last summer so for winter we are using both dvr's at home. I had our owned sd receiver taken off the account since we don't need it, could reactivate it if needed.
When we upgraded the camper I called dish, then bought a D1000.2, they sent installer with new 722, he changed and aligned the dish and installed the 722 for us at the camper.