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Question about Mitsubishi WS-65819 Picture Quality

01-05-2010, 12:25 AM

We recently picked up a Mitsubishi W-65819 as part of a large home theater unit through a home consignment store. I know we're a decade or so behind the times, but the cabinet was the main attraction, and the set, which is our first widescreen, was basically free, so the price was right. :)

Anyway, we need a little insight into what to expect in picture quality. While the image is quite large, which is pretty cool, it doesn't compare to what I see on plasmas or LCDs at Best Buy. The picture is by no means sharp or crisp, but looks like a larger version of a tube TV image, which is to say a good, clear 32" image expanded in size so fleshtones are somewhat pasty, not much variation in tones, a little fringed around the edges, and so on. Was this state of the art when the set was first sold? Is there a way we can enhance the picture quality? We are currently getting service delivered through ATT Uverse through a Motorola VIP-1225 box and S-video. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Paul D318
01-05-2010, 09:00 AM
The short answer is that yes, the PQ can be improved.

A set of that age is probably in need of a good cleaning. You'll need to remove the front screen(s), and then clean the reflective mirror that's on the inside of the cabinet, and then the CRT guns. You'll be surprised how much dust will have accumulated inside the cabinet on the mirror and on top of the CRT lenses on a set of that age. This reduces PQ greatly.

1) Clean the mirror with mild soapy water and a lint free cloth ( a 100% cotten T-shirt will work). (If the mirror is definitely made of glass, you can use glass cleaner on it.)

2) Use lens cleaner and lens cleaning tissues you can buy at a camera store to gently clean the dust off of the CRT lenses - w/o scratching them.

3) Use a good quality screen cleaning product ( i.e. Monster brand "ScreenClean" or a similar product - available a most home theater stores) to gently clean the inside and outside of your projection screens, again using a lint-free cloth. Using anything else risks damaging the plastic and causing it to turn cloudy/hazy. (Alcohol and ammonia-based glass cleaners can damage these screens.)

The put it all back together and use the "Advanced Convergence" adjustments to fine-tune the display.

If you have an owner's manual, it may well tell you how to remove the front screen(s) so that you can do the above servicing. Ususally, on Mitusubishi's you pull off the front speaker grille, and then any trim pieces aboe that. That will reveal 2 to 4 screws which must be removed before you can unsnap the bezel which surrounds the screen(s). Be careful not to scratch the screens: if you can find a replacement, it's not going to be cheap...

03-01-2010, 04:40 PM
I recently acquired the same model television. From my understanding, the highest picture quality available with the set alone is 720p. There is an optional Mitsubishi HDTV receiver that was marketed under the model# SR-HD400. Adding on this receiver can get you to 1080p picture quality. I am also looking for one of these receivers, so please let me know if you run across any for sale.