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How to send stacked LNB inputs to MS \ STB?

08-07-2005, 07:39 AM
Summary - Have 2 mini-dishes\panels w\ single coax, stacked output- each dish = a round dual LNB dish w\o MS. Can tune each individually to 101, 110, 119 & connect to (new, Indonesian) H10 A-OK. Wish to aim at any 2 of 101\110\119 (especially just 110\119) at mobile tailgates for DTV NFL ST. I have all manner of 2GHZ Splitters, Zinwell 6x8 MS etc-what do I need to do to connect 2 separate panels to MS, and which input ports to output to the single H10 (do I need to split the stacked output & connect to 2 ports of the MS per panel, or can I send the stacked output to just 1 MS port per satelllite? downconverted 13V? 18V? 18v + 22KHZ tone?

(This way I dont have to reconnect each dish to the H10 and can find and change all channels)

if I in a rare case I decide to connect to 2 H10s can I still do it?

think this will work but wish to save testing time \ potential damage to any of the gear.

Thanks & regards,

08-07-2005, 07:18 PM
Complicated stuff here. I suggest calling Sonora Design w/ your questions. Their number can be found at the site below. They are the best in the business IMO. They provide free consiltuing and sell a host of products if you need something more than you have....http://www.sonoradesign.com/

08-08-2005, 01:17 PM
Thank you - I believe I can split each stacked output, then destack 1 of them for odd\even. Not sure if 1) I can use a "all ports pass power" splitter if I feel like connecting >=2 STB, and 2) if the destacker for 119 requires a tone. Sonora should set me straight.