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Sony 46" LCD extra features - was it a bad idea?

12-28-2009, 11:10 AM
I bought a Sony Bravia KDL46s504 on Black Friday for $798 at Wal-Mart. The retail is around $1000.00 . I thought I had a software issue in it, so I returned it. But they were out of the same model so they gave me the KDL46s5100 instead. It included 2 extra features and one of them was a "Contrast Enhancer". I also noticed that this one has a contrast range of 30,000 to :1 ratio and the model 504 only had 20,000 to:1. Don't really know what that does for me as a plus? I think...the model 5100 sells for a hundred dollars more because of the differences. Anyways, I immediately noticed a slight difference in the 5100 picture, being sharper, brighter...but I liked the 504 model picture better, for it's "softness. The blacks and whites were more apparent on the model 5100. After speaking to a Sony tech this morning, I learned of an update for the Enhancer and a few other issues the set had, all having to do with the "extra featured" contrast. The 5100 was released in March of "09, and the 504 was just released in Oct.

My thinking is that Sony re-released the set without the 2 extra features for a slight lower price just in time for Christmas, and now maybe it's more stable? What do you think? Would this make sense from their stand point? I can still get my orig. set (KDL46s504 back if I want it. Sony promised to send me a flash drive with the update to "correct" the issues on the 5100... but I tend to lean towards the lesser of the set now because there are no issues listed on it (KDL46s504)... maybe because the set was just released, or maybe because they removed the troubled features. Any opinions? I may be digging way too deep on this, but I'd like to have a stable set without the problems for this price range. Thanks.