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Shopping for a new HDTV

12-25-2009, 05:23 PM
I made a post about a year ago where we were planning to get an HDTV but we ended up buying a car instead. This year we're definitely in the market for a new big screen and want to try to take advantage of some of the after holiday sales the retailers are going to be having.

From the last post I made a year ago, I learned that 720p is more than adequate more our family. We don't have a blue ray player nor do we plan on getting a blue ray player in the near future so 1080p is of little concern visually speaking to us.

The last time I posted I was shopping for a 42" or so but was persuaded to look at 50" instead because they were better to have when viewing at a distance of 11'. Our furniture is composed so that the furthest couch is 11 ft away from where the tv would be and the other furniture is anywhere from 4' to 6' from the placement of the screen. A 50" almost seems like overkill but I'm not sure? I'm strongly thinking I'll go with the 42" for now and come tax return, if I don't like it we'll move it up to the bedroom and get a bigger one for the downstairs then.

All of THAT said, for a 42" I'm not really wanting to spend over 600$ if that's possible at all? What are some good models currently to look at? I've tried gleaning the forums for information but maybe today wasn't the best day to do that what with the kids running wild with new toys and me being messed up by such a large xmas lunch and pie ;)

Thanks for the assistance.

Panasonic 42" 720p HD Plasma 600Hz TV - Black (TC-P42C1) - $550 currently from Target.

this is something similar to what I was looking for?

12-25-2009, 05:30 PM
The Panny would be a perfect fit for you. Go for it !!! :D