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CoreAVC 2.0.0 released

12-20-2009, 10:12 AM
Corecodec has released a major upgrade of CoreAVC; Version 2.0.0. With CoreAVC it's possible to view several formats of HD videofiles on your (HT)PC, like h.264 with maximum performance.

http://digg.com/software/CoreAVC_2_0_0_released/p.gif (http://www.hdtvinfo.eu/news/hd-video-formats/coreavc-2.0.0-released.html)

This release offers support for Windows 7 & supports Windows Media Center (in .MKV) plus many other improvements.

CoreAVC 2.0.0 released (http://www.hdtvinfo.eu/news/hd-video-formats/coreavc-2.0.0-released.html)