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How to get a Time Warner Cable deal?

11-21-2009, 09:05 PM
Hi :hithere:,

I've recently subscribed to Roadrunner after having to let go of AT&T's U-verse because it's a little over priced for what I can afford.

AT&T offered a $200.00 cash and $100.00 credit card incentive to use their service neither of which they gave me and after 4 months I had to end my subscription with them.

$125.00/mo for their TV and Internet along with $60.00/mo for my cell phone and a land line that was disconnected at the time of the U-verse instillation was a bit to much for my pocket book.

The U-verse representative told me that I couldn't keep their Internet connection because it was a packaged deal with their TV so I choose to try Roadrunner after my first 5 years on the Internet with AT&T. I didn't get Time Warner's cable TV because that would of put the price right back up to why I left AT&T's U-verse.

However, I was hoping to split my way into their first 100 or so basic channels only to find that I can only access about 11 channels with a splitter which includes NatGeo and pretty much nothing else worth watching.

Another Roadrunner subscriber here was able to get the first 100 channels because the installer had taken so long to install that he offered her the first 100 channels as a constellation for taking so long.

My installers came 2 hours late but did not offer a discount.

Because I now subscribe to Roadrunner I was finally able to get Time Warner to fix the cable box in the basement. The box repairman said that I should have gotten a discount because they were late.

So, I'm wondering what I might be able to do to still get a discount of some kind.

I would like to just get the first 100 basic channels free. I don't need the set top box, I just want the channels.

I'm thinking of calling a Time Warner cable Representative recommended to me about this and I am wondering what suggestions anyone might have for talking to them about this. :confused: Any suggestions will be appreciated.