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Help me skirt the remote programing issue for diff consumer electronics devices

07-31-2005, 05:58 AM
I) Does anybody know of a sigle brand name in consumer electronics that offers all of the following: 1) satelite/DVR box, 2) medium quality surround sound system, ( something in the $500(US) range), 3) progressive scan DVD player? I am trying to match brands to my reduced maintenance time at my home. I have had people that have paid me as much as $5000 just for the amount of time it takes to program a single remote system for all components, (even after I advise them to buy the same manufacturer).


II) I am considering a "720p" HDTV, my thought is, with the lack of HDMI equiped receivers, what if I pop, ($700), for the scan converter to go between the receiver/switcher and the HDTV, (this would mean a S-video to scan converter then composite or better in the monitor),? I have found a few pro-audio/video switchers that will do the trick, ($1000US), but then I'm left w/ separate amplification? I would like some opinions, perspectives, and experiences.

Thanks guys!